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Free your inner novelist with the innovative INDE Platform™.

From inspiration to published novel, INDE is your writing partner. The INDE Platform won't lock you into some lackluster writing method. INDE's powerful tools, like inline references, grammar checking, and built-in scrap library, support your writing style. Choose the product tier that best suits your career. You can upgrade to another tier at any time.

Go Pro and produce your own Kindle and Nook ready books! Go Ultimate and invite your editor to work directly in your novel!

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  • Spell checker
  • Integrated scrap library
  • Download and share public references


  • Multi-language grammar checker
  • Kindle™ ready publishing
  • Website ready HTML books
  • Go mobile and write anywhere!


  • Work directly with editors
  • Inline comments from publishers and reviewers
  • Co-author novels
  • Advertise your skills in
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